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EXCAVO.FINANCE uses a smart balancing formula to maintain an equilibrium between pooled assets
Liquidity Providers
Create your own liquidity pools
Add to existing pools
Earn fees from every swap
Enhance your rewards by farming EXCV and CAVO
Enjoy lower fees
Slash fees further through staking + burning CAVO
Greater profit due to less slippage
The result?
Less slippage and more profit for LPs
EXCAVO is used by more than 3000 professional traders to gain an edge. Join them and take your DEX trading to the next level
Today EXCAVO delivers an advanced AMM for best-in-class trading. But that’s only the beginning.
Eugene Loza — mr. EXCAVO, independent financial analyst and professional trader
Next up:
Enter EXCAVO app and discover a better way to trade
Margin trading
Advanced order types
Use cases
Burn xEXCV to receive EXCV
Earn xCAVO for providing liquidity
Claim CAVO by burning xCAVO
Two tokens, infinite possibilities…
Reduce fees by burning CAVO
Earn a share of profits for providing liquidity
Together they form a hybrid system
that aligns incentives between all participants and incentivizes adoption
is the platform’s liquidity token
is its governance token
How to purchase
First you need to go to the EXCAVO Finance app and connect your MetaMask wallet
junior trader
independent financial analyst, professional trader
Don’t have metamask?
View guide how to install MetaMask for your browser
I have connected a wallet, what should I do next?
Select CAVO from the dropdown list in TO or Search it via the smart contract adress:
junior trader
independent financial analyst, professional trader
What should I do after choosing CAVO from the dropdown list?
1. Enter the amount in FROM, then click Swap and Confirm Swap
junior trader
independent financial analyst, professional trader
Still have questions?
Contact Mr. EXCAVO for a personal consultation
2. Confirm the Gas fee in MetaMask’s dropdown list
After the transaction is confirmed you will receive CAVO
I want to buy CAVO tokens.
Where should I begin?
CAVO tokens?
We work only with reliable partners
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We work only with reliable partners
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What is Liquidity Pooling?
Liquidity pooling is central to the defi ecosystem, emerging from the automated market maker (AMM) models used to solve the liquidity challenge on DEXes, and opening up several other defi use cases.

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How do Liquidity Pools work?
Lquidity pool models have become the most popular choice for decentralized finance platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling on-chain trading without the need for an order book, compatible with most Ethereum wallets. The pools allow traders to get in and out of token pair positions that would otherwise be highly illiquid.

Rather than placing a trade with a counterparty, traders execute against the liquidity in a liquidity pool managed by a smart contract, meaning that there is no need for a buyer or seller at a particular moment, just enough liquidity in that pool.

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What are the risks of Liquidity Pools?
While the liquidity pool model deployed by DEXes protects you from traditional counterparty and custodial risk, funds are still deposited to a pool that is effectively a temporary custodian of those funds, albeit a contract rather than an entity. If that smart contract is subject to bugs, failure, hacks, or exploits, funds can still be lost. Care must also be taken to avoid platforms with an admin key or other privileged access that can leave users vulnerable to rug pulls and exit scams. This risk is common across all decentralized platforms, of course, and not just limited to liquidity pools.

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Why do people use Liquidity Pools?
Liquidity pools enable anyone to provide liquidity using an automated smart contract and take advantage of new decentralized trading and reward generation opportunities with no KYC, no capital restrictions, and no intermediary.

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What are Automated Market Makers?
Automated Market Makers (AMMs) allow digital assets to be traded in a permissionless and automatic way using liquidity pools rather than traditional order books of buyers and sellers.

AMMs create liquidity pools and offering liquidity providers an incentive to supply these pools with assets for liquidity mining. This incentive fee is generated by traders who then interact with the liquidity pool to make trades.

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What is the advantage of DEX?
DEXs solved the issue of centralized intermediaries and associated fees, though liquidity and slippage problems remained. Now the AMM DEX model is providing a solution to that too, creating a system of incentivized, permissionless, and truly decentralized trading.

While there are still challenges and AMMs carry risks such as impermanent loss, EXCAVO mitigates this through its liquidity mining earnings potential and several yield farming opportunities.

EXCAVO’s AMM decentralized technology, therefore, creates a new method for exchanging assets anonymously without an intermediary, fully embodying the ideals of crypto as no entity is in control, everyone can participate, and anyone can build on top of it.
How to become a Liquidity Provider?
Steps 1-2-3-4-5
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How are prices determined?
Prices are determined by the amount of each token in a pool. The smart contract maintains a constant using the following function: x*y=k. In this case x = token0, y = token1, k = constant. For each trade a certain amount of tokens are removed from the pool for an amount of the other token. To maintain k, the balances held by the smart contract are adjusted during the execution of the trade, therefore changing the price.
Why is my swap failing or stuck?
You might be trying to swap a fee on transfer or deflationary token. If so, you have to increase your allowed slippage to account for the fee taken during the swap. Click on the gear for settings and adjust Slippage tolerance accordingly.
Otherwise if your transaction is taking forever or stuck pending the gas included might be too low and the transaction will not be processed. You probably need to speed up or cancel the transaction in you wallet.
• Fix stuck transactions in MetaMask
• Fix stuck transactions in trust wallet
The EXCAVO Protocol is the Automated Market Maker (AMM) based on a constant product formula for inventory management specially built for professional traders. The constant, calculated by multiplying the amount of each token in a pair, means there is a constant balance of assets determining the price of tokens according to their ratio in a liquidity pool. Each EXCAVO platform trading pair stores and provides liquidity to pooled reserves of the two tokens, maintaining the total constant value.

If you want to dive into details check out the docs
How does EXCAVO.FINANCE work?
EXCAVO.FINANCE is an automated liquidity protocol. In practical terms, this means there are template smart contracts that define a standard way to make liquidity pools and corresponding markets that are compatible with each other. There is no order book, no centralized party, and no central facilitator of trade. Each pool is defined by a smart contract that includes a few functions to enable swapping tokens, adding liquidity, and more.
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